Tips on How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Even As a Beginner

How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job

How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job

If you have been thinking about switching lanes to a digital marketing career. You have done your research and found out digital marketing is a lucrative career. But you don’t know where to start, or the skills you require to be a digital marketer, and how you can land your first job. You are not alone.

This feeling is very common among most people contemplating pursuing a digital marketing career. Lucky for you. You have landed at the right place. In this article, you will learn the effective tips that will help you land your first digital marketing job. Even with no experience. Ready to go?

Understand the basics of digital marketing 

First things first. Before you think of landing your first digital marketing job, you should understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and what skills you need to become a digital marketer.

Digital marketing is an umbrella word that covers several areas in online promotion. You ought to understand all the channels involved in a digital marketing campaign. Some of the channels include:

Offline marketing 

Billboard marketing 

TV marketing 

Radio Marketing 

SMS marketing 

Online marketing channels 

(PPC) pay per click 

Content marketing 

Social media marketing 

Search Engine Optimization

Video marketing 

Affiliate marketing 

Mobile marketing 

Website marketing 

Pay per click – a company, places an Ad on a website and pays a particular amount of money when someone clicks on it. 

Content marketing – how to utilize different forms of content in your digital marketing campaign

Search engine optimization – cover both pay per click and search engine optimization.

Video marketing – marketing on digital platforms that embraces visual features such as Vimeo, YouTube, and others

Affiliate marketing – promoting other people’s products and earning a commission

Mobile marketing – Marketing on mobile app stores, mainly google play and Appstore

Website marketing – promoting websites on the internet 

Get online 

As of today, it is almost impossible to land any job without an online presence. It is like without an online presence you don’t exist. Think about it. You are expecting to be a digital marketer. An employer or a client will first look for your online presence. If they can’t find you online, then they will move on to the next applicant who at least can be found online. 

Curate your image online to impress employers and clients. Create professional social media accounts and link them to your portfolio and social media accounts. Let your strengths and capabilities shine through your social media accounts and portfolio.

You don’t need to have a huge budget to own a website. Use free websites providing sites such as Wix and Yola and upgrade to a professional website when you get a bigger budget.

When you have a website, you get the chance to practice your digital marketing skills on your website. This is a chance to put what you have learned into theory.

If you can yield maximum results marketing your websites, you can undoubtedly run a successful digital campaign for other people. Your website prepares you for the digital marketing world since your job as a digital marketer will be to create and promote products and websites most of the time.

Along this process, you will learn different approaches and strategies that work. Digital marketing is never about how many courses you took or how many certifications you have. It is about your ability to deliver.

Employers always want someone who has the knowledge, skills, and proof to deliver better results. There is no better way to prove your competence than with a website with high traffic, ranking, and conversions.

Understand SEO

SEO search engine optimization is the backbone of digital marketing. SEO skills is a must-have for a successful digital marketing career. You must know what Google wants and doesn’t want and what you can do about it.

You have to master SEO first, then build other digital marketing skills around your SEO knowledge. Being an SEO expert requires you to have the knowledge and to put it into practice to achieve scalable results.

Everything in digital marketing is measurable. This means that if you can prove to the employers that you can deliver good results, it does not matter if you are a newbie.

Learn SEO from 

SEO Tutorial for Beginners (Udemy)

Free SEO training: SEO for beginners (Yoast)

 On-Page and Technical SEO Course (Semrush Academy)

Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs (Skillshare)

Get digital advertising experience

One of the primary jobs of a digital marketer is advertising. You have to master the art of creating advertisements that will lead to successful digital marketing campaigns. You need to learn how to use Facebook and Google ads advertising to promote products on the internet and other Google platforms.

Although mastering Facebook and Google ads advertising may take time, it is worth the effort. The best way to learn faster is by practicing what you have learned. Set aside a few dollars to run Facebook or Google ads and see how well you perform. Know the difference between sending your money on advertisement and implementing strategies you have learned.

Get a Google ads certification. Google provides tons of resources that will help you understand Google and ads and award you a certificate. These certificates will come in handy when hunting for digital marketing jobs. Get free certifications from 

Google Analytics Academy 

Google Academy for Ads

Facebook Blueprint 

Google Academy for Ads

Hootsuite Academy

Get the experience

After learning several skills, it is time to put them into practice. You will have to get out of your cocoon and look for experience. Many employers are less likely to hire digital marketers with no hands-on expertise or a vast portfolio. So, what do you do?

You can offer your digital marketing services for free. Although working for free is controversial, it is good since your main goal as a beginner is to gain real digital marketing experience. Working for free doesn’t mean you will work for free forever.

You can work for free or undertake a small project or for a short period. While working for free, strive to build credibility and learn as much as possible. Strive to gain the trust of your employers or potential employers. 

Alternatively, you can opt for an internship. An internship will expose you to working with huge budget clients that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to work with. You will learn to use essential tools that you couldn’t afford on your own.

Above all, a good internship is a bonus to your resume. An exceptional recommendation will always put you a step ahead of other candidates.

Get Ready For Digital Marketing Job Searching 

Get ready to hunt digital marketing jobs

After you have learned digital marketing schools, you need to get ready to hunt for jobs. 

You need to wear a professional digital marketing hat 

Begin by creating a customized email. An employer is likely to skip your job application since your email address doesn’t look professional. Avoid the use of pseudo names and nicknames in your email. Use your first and last name in your email address.

Avoid the use of numbers in your email address as much as possible. 

Utilize LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the biggest job search platforms globally. Take advantage of this. Create a professional LinkedIn profile and list your skills, certificates, and experience.

Build a network on LinkedIn. Add all achievements and academic qualifications to your profile. If you have won any awards, list them too. You can even go as far as displaying some of your best samples on your linked profile.

Apply for jobs

This is the final and most essential step. You need a job to earn from your hard-earned efforts. You have to be aggressive when applying for jobs. Whenever you come across a job advertisement, apply even if you think you are least qualified. Customize your resume to meet the job requirements.

Apply for jobs on job boards such as 



Flex jobs 


Simply hired 

Google jobs

Media bistro


Even if you don’t get any replies, never stop applying for jobs. Ensure you visit these job sites often. In most cases in digital marketing, the early bird always catches the worm. 

Join social media groups of your fellow digital marketers. You will get more knowledge and even meet your employers in social media groups by interacting with your peers. You never know where you will land your life-changing opportunity, but the secret is never stop hunting for jobs.  

The DOs and the DONTs


Never stop learning 

Never stops acquiring new knowledge. There will always be new trends in the digital marketing world. You always have to stay updated on what is happening in the industry.  Read blogs and newsletters from established names in digital marketing. Get information from 

Neil Patel

Copy Blogger

Seth Godin

Follow up on the companies you are interested in

 Understand their marketing strategies, products, and plans. Follow these companies on social media to understand what their goals are. If an opportunity arises, you will have the upper hand over other applicants since you already understand the company’s culture

Use creativity 

Your creativity is what separates you from other applicants. The good thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to explore creativity with the help of the available tools. If you believe your idea can work, you have to try it out. 


  • Never give up. Learn digital marketing skills —perfect one skill at a time. Leverage your skills and enjoys the fruits of labor. 
  • Never submit any piece of work you have not proofread. 
  • Never accept a contract you’re sure you don’t have the skills to deliver. You will only end up hurting your credibility, reviews, and even reputation. It is also unethical.

Frequently asked questions on how to land your first digital marketing job

What are the types of digital marketing jobs

Digital marketing has several job openings. Digital marketing jobs include:

  • SEO/SEM specialist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Content Producer
  • Digital Influencer

How do I get into digital marketing? 

  • Follow the following steps to land your first digital marketing job
  • Understand the basics
  • Create an online presence 
  • Understand SEO
  • Get digital advertisement 
  • Get the experience 
  • Get ready to apply for digital marketing jobs
  • Apply for jobs 

Does digital marketing pay well?

Digital marketing jobs have shown a positive trend in the past few years and promise to increase even more in the coming years. Here is a list of the top 5 most paying digital marketing jobs and their salaries

Digital marketing analyst salary 

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the US is $52,166/ year.

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the UK is £ 32,930 / year.

Content strategist

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the US is $61,289 /year.

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the UK is £40,369 / year.

Social media manager

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst is US$44,160/year.

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the UK is £32,310 / year.

SEO/Digital marketing specialist

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst is US$50,139 /year.

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the UK is £25,755/year.

E-commerce specialist by Geography 

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst is US$56,482 / year

The average salary of a digital marketing analyst in the UK is £40,369 / year

Can I get into digital marketing with no experience?

As more and more companies turn into digital marketing to generate sales, the need for digital marketing experts keeps on getting better and better. Although digital marketing is highly competitive, you can still land your frits job with no experience. But you will need to master the following skills

  • Content creation
  • Basic design skills
  • SEO and SEM
  • CRM
  • Data analysis
  • Social media

Final thoughts on how to land your first digital marketing jobs

  • Understand what you are passionate about in digital marketing and learn a much as you can in this particular area.
  • Network. Keep on networking with other established brands in digital marketing. Even after landing your first job, never stop networking 
  • As a newbie, if you land your first job, ensure you give it your best shot.  At this point, you need experience and recommendations more than you need the money.
  • Increase your online presence as much as you can. Show up every day and everywhere. Build social media profiles, start a blog etc. your online presence will increase your credibility.

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