You have set up your website check.

You have published blogs check

Optimized content for search engines check

Like most content creators, you believe you are giving digital content your best shot. But what if I told you, you are missing out on something.

Something big.

Your blog might be good, but not excellent. Do you know why? Because you are missing a digital content strategy.

You are working on an auto-pilot. You have no idea the kind of content to publish next and what to include.  

And if I  am guessing right, you are developing content based on speculations and emotions.

But that’s why you are here, right? You need to know what a content strategy is and the benefits of having one.

You are in the right place.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and maintaining content. It is all about the planning and execution of the strategies and efforts towards achieving a specific goal.

Why do you need a digital content strategy?

A lot goes on in content creation, and a lot can go wrong without a content strategy.

Today, the value of blog content to businesses can’t be understated. Statistics show that more than 80 % of businesses today heavily depend on content to reach their prospects and ultimately convert them into buyers. And there is no sign of the need for content creation to shrink anytime soon.

A digital content strategy is crucial to every aspect of your content marketing efforts. It is how you capitalize on your buyer persona. It is how you reach your prospect at the right time, with the right information, and through the appropriate means.

Brands with no content strategy might survive for a while and not in the long run. Publishing content without a  plan ends in vague messaging, effortless and infective content that will only hurt your finances.

To hit a home run, you need a content plan.


Let’s jump into some of the benefits of a killer digital content strategy.

1.  Content Strategy Helps You Publish Content Consistently

Consistency is the key to any marketing effort. And there is no perfect way to publish content with a content strategy.

It doesn’t mean that you have to publish tons of content every day. It is about the quality of your content. Even if you are producing content twice a year, ensure you create valuable content.

With a strategy, you can work on your goals and targets with every piece of content you produce. This way, you will create helpful content that attracts traffic to your website.

Additionally, you will develop suitable ways of promoting your blog.

2.      A Content Strategy Harmonizes the Content Creation Process

A content strategy harmonize the content creation process

Several professionals are involved in content creation, for instance, graphic designers, copywriters, and editors. Content strategy helps harness the team together towards achieving the common goal.

Your group can work together on search engine optimization techniques as they compare their respective skills.

 Your team will be on the same page and combine their skills and formulate an effective sales funnel.

3.      A Content Strategy Helps You Know What’s Working and What’s Not

An advantage of digital marketing is you can capitalize on successful market plans and disregard ineffective ones.

If you have a strategy, you will tweak and tailor your marketing efforts to what is working. You can develop structures on how to measure the ROI. It will be easier to define your goals and track insights on your marketing efforts.

4.      Improves Your Results

What’s the essence of investing time and money in creating content planning? Results mate!

And if you are looking for results, then you need to have a strategy. You don’t want to throw your hard-earned money in the air. The best SEO practices are not enough.

A content strategy will help your brand stand out in the crowded, noisy digital world.

If you plan your content, you can test,  retest, and refine it until it’s spot on. You can even mobilize content planning gurus to help you out. Also, you will be able to allocate money and time accurately.

“The holy grail of content marketing is to show up at the right time, with the right channel, and via the proper media. “

The best way you can maximize the content marketing efforts is when you turn at the right moment. You should show up at the initial stage of the buying process.

With a content strategy, you will reach the buyer at the right time and the right message on why they need your product. You will then usher them towards making the purchase.

5.      It Helps You Achieve Brand Goals

Any piece of digital content published has its purpose. If you want to align your content with brand goals, then you will need a plan.

Planning for your content guarantees every piece of content produced focuses on your brand goals. Each piece of content can be designed to meet specific goals and re-purposed for other uses.

With a strong content strategy, you can create content that matches your brand identity. Picture your brand identity as how people talk about you when you are not in the room.

Marketers with a content strategy are 538 % likely to be successful. They have a strategy, stick to the plan, measure their progress, and optimize what is working. 

  Digital Content Strategy Checklist

1. Who is your reader?

2. What pain points do you want to solve

3. What is your unique selling point

4. What content formats will you use

5. Where will you publish the content

6. What are the plans for maintaining the content

To Sum Up

Assembling a cohesive digital content strategy will help you gain authority in the eyes of the search engines. More traffic and more sales.

Do you need help with content strategy?

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6 Benefits of A Killer Digital Content Strategy